Destino Final

From 1976 until 1983, in Argentina, the military planned to exterminate all their antagonists. For approximately 5,000 opponents of the Argentine dictatorship, “destino final” (final destination) gained an atrocious meaning: drugged, unconscious, and loaded on military planes, in what is infamously known as the “death flights”, they were thrown, still alive, to the Río de la Plata, just before it reaches the Atlantic Ocean; their final, definitive destination. Just a few of their bodies were recovered.

Destino Final, is a long term photographic project started in 2004 by Giancarlo Ceraudo, as an idea that included the search for the death flight planes, conducted worldwide. Ceraudo started in 2007 to work with the  Argentine investigative journalist Miriam Lewin, a former “desaparecida”. Together they made a successful investigation that discovered, after more than 30 years, flight plans, plane models, series number, date of flight, itinerary, mission duration and above all, pilot’s names.

Thanks to their investigation, the 29th November 2017 the pilots were sentenced for life in prison.

In April 2017 Destino Final became a book published by Schilt Publishing.

Thanks to Eugenio Battaglini (videomaker & assistant)