GIANCARLO CERAUDO (1969 – Rome, Italy) is a documentary photographer. For more than fifteen years he has been documenting social, cultural, health and human rights issues with a focus on Latin America. Giancarlo has an academic background in anthropology and has worked in Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe.

His most ambitious and personally rewarding work is Destino Final, an investigative and photojournalistic project that uncovers the crimes committed by the armed forces during the Argentinian dictatorship.

Since 2008 he has also been working on a long-term project documenting changes in Cuba since the passage of power to Raul Castro.

Giancarlo’s work has been widely published in Italian and international publications including L’Espresso, Internazionale, El País, GEO, Sunday Times Magazine, New Yorker, Liberation, National Geographic, El País, GEO, Vrij Nederland, Polka Magazine, 6 Mois.

His images are part of the collection of the MAXXI (National Museum of 21st Century Arts, Rome) and have been exhibited in galleries throughout Italy, Spain, France, and the United States. He has been represented by the agencies GRAZIA NERI and NOOR.